Immersive Software Engineering is a unique collaboration between the academics of the University of Limerick and some of the most innovative companies in the world. Our team spans multiple disciplines, and we are supported by three boards that guide our work. The Scientific Advisory Board ensures teaching and research are performed to the highest international standard. 

Our Young Advisory Board exists as a group of mentors and advisors for our faculty and students. Our Industry Advisory Board advises the ISE team on the best connections of academia to industry. 

Everyone involved is passionate about making ISE a success by providing a delightful experience for our students.

Our team

image of Stephen Kinsella

Stephen Kinsella

ISE Co-Director. Stephen is Professor of economics and HoD at the Kemmy Business School. He cares about rethinking the undergraduate experience and the relationship between UL and industry. Ireland must become an ideas economy, and for that we need people who can make ideas real.

image of Tiziana Margaria

Tiziana Margaria

Co-Director of ISE. Tiziana is a professor of Software Systems at UL and Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre. She is passionate about Problem Based Learning and will lead the immersive experience on campus and in research.

Chris Exton

Chair of Software Architecture & Software Development within ISE. Chris holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and later added a BSc in Psychology. He has spent several years in the international software development industry, contributing to projects at companies such as Coke, ANZ Bank, and Ashling Microsystems.

Headshot of J.J. Collins

J.J. Collins

J.J. lectures software architecture and machine learning in UL, and is deeply committed to the delivery of outstanding experiences for students and host companies in ISE.

image of Alison McDevitt

Alison McDevitt

Alison is the Super Senior Administrator for ISE. As a recent UL graduate with experience working in different departments across the University, she has a keen interest in supporting students throughout their time studying Immersive Software Engineering.

Ellen Fitzgerald

A recent graduate from University of Limerick, Ellen is an Admistrator in ISE. She is passionate about education and contributes to the running of all day-to-day activties in ISE. In her role, Ellen provides administrative support to all ISE students and staff.

Head shot of Mark O'Neill, Industry Coordinator ISE

Mark O'Neill

ISE Industry Coordinator. Mark has worked with industry in intelligent optimisation for the past number of years and is a recent UL AI master's graduate. Likes to drive standards. He is interested in seeing students reach their maximum potential.

image of Ian of Keeffe

Ian O'Keeffe

ISE Industry Coordinator. With 10 years academic research experience and having been a change agent in the IT industry for more than 20 years, Ian is passionate about working with people and technology, and helping them realise their ultimate potential.

Gillian Place

ISE Public Engagement Officer with over 20 years experience as a software engineer working across multiple industries and geographies. Gillian has a background in Media & Communications and experience in public speaking and school outreach, with a passion for promoting diversity & Inclusion.

Sean O' Brien

ISE Digital Marketing Officer. A qualified science teacher, Sean has over 10 years experience promoting STEM education at primary, secondary, and third level. He has held Public Engagement and Marketing and Communications roles in higher education for the past 6 years.

Josh McGiff

ISE Head Instructor. Josh is currently pursuing a PhD in AI. His passions lie with revolutionising the way people learn about software engineering and machine learning. He is committed to building an immersive environment that primes students for a prosperous career in IT.

Salim Saay

Lecturer of Software Development and Software Systems Architecture at the ISE course, with 17 years of academic, and industry experience. His research interest is Bridging applications and network gaps, Model-driven design, and system architecture for data integration.

Marie Travers

ISE University Teacher. Marie holds a Ph.D. in the application of innovation strategies to the development of Health Information Systems. She has worked in industry and in academia. She is interested in how we innovate in STEM and how STEM needs to be accessible to all.

Oisin O' Sullivan

ISE Teaching Instructor, Intern at Intel Shannon and an Intel Paul Whelan Scholarship recipient for studying Cyber Security & IT Forensics at UL. He has a passion for the future and supports students academically and socially to unlock their true potential.

Roisin Lyons

Lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Kemmy Business School. Roisin holds a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship Education and a M.Sc. in Business Management. She runs the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track in ISE and contributes to the development of educational methodologies and pedgogy in the course.

Alexander Schieweck

ISE Technical Officer and Cloud Engineer. With 10+ years of Linux and server administration experience, Alexander is building the ISE Computing Infrastructure, which will give students and researchers a unique environment to learn and work.

Industry Advisory Board

John Collison, President of Stripe, Chair of Industry Advisory Board

Des Traynor, Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom

Barry Lunn, CEO, Provizio

Bobby Healy, CEO, Manna Aero

Taran Lent, Vice President, Product Development, Transact Campus

Padraig Fitzgerald, Senior R&D Director, Site Leader, Becton Dickinson (BD)

Michael Keane, Process Development Director, Boston Scientific 

Anthony Quigney, Senior Director Customer Solution Centers, Dell

Martin Cotter, VP, Solutions & Digital Platforms at Analog Devices 

Scientific Advisory Board

David Fisher, Prof. of Computer Science, Software Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USA

Barry Floyd, Prof. of Information Systems and Management, California Polytechnic State University, USA

Mike Hinchey, Prof. of Software Engineering, University of Limerick, Ireland

Arend Rensink, ‪Prof. of Computer Science, University of Twente‬, The Netherlands

Cristina Seceleanu, Prof of Formal Modelling and Analysis of Embedded Systems, Mälardalen University, Sweden

Young Advisory Board

Laura Sopegno, Aerospace Engineer

Eoin O’Brien, Founder and CTO, Tracworx

Barbara Steffen, Innovation & Transfer Manager at Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer

Frederik Gossen, ML compiler engineer, Google

”The ISE program focuses on a challenging and innovative methodology, allowing students to acquire the necessary skills for their future career through an enriching experience.”

Laura Sopegno

Aerospace Engineer

“ISE is the first computer science program combining the innovative mind-set with the necessary skills to shape the future.”

Barbara Steffen

Innovation & Transfer Manager at Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer

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