A Day with Fidelity Investments

“Take intelligent risks rather than follow the crowd.” Those are wise words.

Fidelity Investments’ founder said them over 75 years ago and they continue to echo as Fidelity continues to solve new challenges each day. Starting out as a small mutual fund company, it has grown into one of the largest financial services firms in the world.


Fidelity Investments regard themselves as being a tech company inside a financial services company, and this is especially true of their presence in Ireland across their 2 sites, in CityWest, Dublin, and Parkmore East, Galway.

Ireland was Fidelity Investments’ first global location, founded in 1996 in Dublin, a nimble start-up within the established Fidelity brand. Constant innovation within their offerings and an agile workflow has created an energized workplace with people from over 38 nationalities – for a truly global way of working.


Their focus is on empowering people to take control of their financial futures with cutting-edge investment tools. And as a privately held company, they have the flexibility to do so by empowering their teams to take control of their careers, with the support and benefits they need to grow.


ISE met the Fidelity team to learn more about their cutting-edge software development methodologies and practices and how Immersive Software Engineering students can learn on the job during their 6-month residencies.


Immersive Software Engineering students can help architect the next generation of investment services with the global technology team at Fidelity, and help empower every trade, transaction, and customer interaction while on residency with them. They will use agile methodologies to meet challenges head-on, and their work during their Residency can touch everything — investment management, corporate technology, fund operations and more.


ISE students will ‘learn by doing’ in real-world environments in the world’s most innovative companies, such as Fidelity.

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