ISE meet the Tracworx Team

Imagine you are an ISE student. You want to use your skills in problem-solving in the real world, making real things connect together using code. Limerick-based software company Tracworx is doing just that. They make tracking real objects in the world easier using world-class AI and machine learning approaches. We often hear about the internet of things. Tracworx creates things for the internet, making previously un-traceable things trackable.


The circular economy exists when a product is created, transported, purchased, used, discarded, recycled, and its elements used again. We cannot create a sustainable world without focusing on the circular economy. Tracworx makes the circular economy real, helping to save the environment in the process.


Yes that’s right. Studying at ISE can help solve the problems of climate change. No pressure—we know you’ll be able for it. Watch the founders of Tracworx describe their company and their excitement at being part of the ISE experience in this video.

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